Advice for landlords

How we can help you

We'd like to help you avoid or work out any difficulties between you and your tenants before a bad situation gets worse. We can help you by:

  • being a go-to contact if you and your tenants are having communication problems
  • setting up direct Housing Benefit payments if your tenants are on the Rent Deposit Scheme
  • giving you information and advice about Deposit Protection Schemes
  • giving you information and advice about your legal responsibilities
  • offering a grant to help fund with insulation and any re-workings
  • giving you advice and guidance to help you meet legal requirements
  • giving your tenants advice about caring for their home

Housing Options team

You can speak to a Housing Options officer about any tenancy-related concerns, Contact our Housing Options team here.

Environmental Health Technical Support team

You can speak to our Environmental Health Technical Support team about any disrepair or environmental concerns by: