Threatened with homelessness

Homeless Information and Advice

Help available to people who are homeless or threatened with homeless to try and enable them to stay in their homes or to help find them alternative accommodation.

If you are having problems in your current accommodaiton and are at risk of losing it, we can help. If we cant prevent you from becoming homeless, we will tell you what help you are entitiled to under homeless legislation, and the housing options that are available to you.


Homeless Prevention

There are many reasons why people feel they cant stay in their present home such as

  • Asked to leave by parents
  • Received notice from landlord
  • Need to move to cheaper or smaller property
  • Loss of job or reduction in income
  • Disrepair or other tenancy issues.
  • Rent or Mortgage arrears
  • Health or mobility problems.

The Housing Options Service and our partners can help with all these issues and more. Some of the services available in the district are:

Family Mediation

We have a specialist young person’s worker for those aged 16-25 who can provide mediation and support to deal with problems at home, and advice.   

Resolving Tenancy Issues 


Help with Rent

Discretionary Housing Payments give extra help towards your rent for a limited period of time. You must be in receipt of assistance with your housing costs to qualify and need extra help due to a change in your circumstances that is no fault of your own. 

Help with Mortgage problems

Our Breathing Space scheme offers an interest free loan to homeowners   

Debt and Budgeting Advice

If you are struggling with your housing costs as a result of debt, we can negotiate affordable repayments with your creditors or refer you to a partner agency for specialist debt advice.

Housing Related Support

Humankind Housing Support scheme offers support to help people to develop the skills, confidence and knowledge to maintain a tenancy and live independently. 

Adaptations to Your Home

If you are disabled and struggling to manage in your home, you may qualify for a Disabled Facilities Grant to do work such as fitting a stair lift, putting in a ramp or a shower. If you rent from a social landlord they may do some minor works themselves, e.g. handrails

Advice for Specific Client groups

In addition to general advice, we also provide information on services to meet the needs of the following groups:

Useful Resources

Humankind  provide a range of services to support homeless people 
Shelter is a national charity which gives practical housing advice and support. 
Citizens Advice offer advice on a wide variety of subjects
Money Advice Service offer practical advice on money, debts and budgeting.