Threatened with homelessness

Difficulty paying your mortgage

If you are an owner occupier and you are in difficulty with your mortgage, there may be help available through the Breathing Space scheme.

Breathing Space offers an interest free secured loan that provides help to pay your mortgage.

The scheme is administered by Wakefield Council, on behalf of participating local authorities including Hambleton District Council. 

Who is the loan for?

If you are having difficulties with your mortgage because of a drop in income due to losing your job or ill health or some other change in your circumstances a Breathing Space loan would offer short term help.

What is the loan for?

The loan can pay your mortgage and/or your continuing mortgage instalments for up to 12 months, depending on your circumstances. It can also help with secured loan arrears and instalments.

Before you apply

Before applying you must get advice about your mortgage difficulties, as there may be other options available to you that are more suitable than taking a loan.

Further information

You can find out more information by downloading the Breathing space leaflet or by visiting Citizens Advice Bureau.