Affordable housing

What types of affordable homes are built?

Homes can be flats, houses and bungalows and are mainly two or three bedroom.

They are either for affordable rent or intermediate tenure:

Homes for affordable rent

These tend to be owned by a Housing Association and normally offer a tenancy that gives long term security, although some Housing Associations may offer fixed term tenancies with a minimum term of 5 years.  Rents are up to 80% of the market rent for the area. 

Intermediate tenure 

Homes for sub market rent – the properties are usually owned by a Housing Association, again offering a tenancy that gives long term security with rents slightly less than market rents (e.g. 90%).

Homes for affordable sale - there are two main models:

  • Shared ownership - Purchasers initially buy between 25% and 80% of the home from a Housing Association and pay rent on the rest. They are able to buy further shares (to a maximum of 80%), ensuring that the Housing Association keeps an interest in the property.
  • Discounted price - Purchasers buy a property at a reduced price and pay no rent.  If the property is resold it has to be sold on at the same discount and marketed to people with a local connection.

How are affordable homes allocated?

Homes are allocated through the North Yorkshire Home Choice system (North Yorkshire’s Choice Based Lettings system).