Car parking

Charges, parking spaces and disabled spaces

Please note that some spaces are owned and operated by North Yorkshire County Council which may not offer you free parking, check on their website here.

The Crosby Road car park is now operated by CNDCL and parking charges apply 24/7.

Town Car Park and Sat-Nav location Parking charges Spaces Disabled spaces

Parking charges apply: 8.00am - 6.00pm, Monday to Saturday, parking is free of charge outside of these hours and all day Sunday

Bedale Auction Mart - DL8 2AD all day ... £1.20 67 2
  Bridge Street - DL8 1UP all day ... £1.20 67 5
  North End - DL8 1AD free long stay 48 2
Easingwold Chase Garth - YO61 3GG free long stay 18 0
  Galtres - YO61 3BU free long stay 64 3
Great Ayton High Green - TS9 6BJ free long stay 23 1
Northallerton Applegarth short stay - DL7 8NT

1hr ... free press green

button for ticket

2hr ... 80p

148 21
  Applegarth - long stay - DL7 8NT

all day ... £3.20

all night (HGV) ... £9.00


included in short stay



Crosby Road - DL6 1AB

(Now operated by CNDCL,

24/7 charges apply)

2hr ... £1

4hr ... £2

24 hr ... £4

228 4
  Forum west - short stay DL6 1JQ

1hr ... 80p

2hr ... £1.60

3hr ... £2.40

4hr ... £3.20

74 3
  Forum east - long stay DL6 1JQ all day ... £3.20 64 3
  Northallerton High Street Operated by NYCC - -
Stokesley High Street - TS9 5AX free 2 hour disc scheme 167 9
  Showfield - TS9 5ER

1hr ... 80p

2hr ... £1.60

3hr ... £2.40

all day ... £3.20

72 3
Thirsk Market place - YO7 1LB

1hr ... free

2hrs ... 80p

175 12
  Millgate Coach Park - YO7 1PE

4hrs ... free

(need a disc)

6 Coaches 0
  Millgate - YO7 1PE

1hr ... 80p

2hrs ... £1.60

3hrs ... £2.40

all day ... £3.20

86 3
  Marage - YO7 1PE

1hr ... 80p

2hrs ... £1.60

3hrs ... £2.40

all day ... £3.20

71 6
  Nursery - YO7 1FT all day ... £3.20 41 2
  Bakery - YO7 1PE free long stay 19 0

Please note, some spaces are owned and operated by North Yorkshire County Council. If the charge is not listed you can find it on the North Yorkshire County Council website here.

Parking charges

You can view the current charges for the district by downloading the leaflet below:

Disabled spaces

Parking in a disabled space is free for as long as you want so long as your blue badge is displayed. We do not issue blue badges, you will need to apply on the North Yorkshire County Council website.

How to pay

Use the Pay & Display machines that will be near your parking space. They accept 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2 coins and do not supply change.


If you plan on using our car parks on a regular basis, you can save money on long stay parking by purchasing our long stay parkcard. These are available for use in our pay and display car parks offering long stay parking, they come as booklets of 16 single use scratchcards, just scratch off the day, date, month and year and display in your vehicle's windscreen. Booklets are available for use in Northallerton, Stokesley and Thirsk, with a version available for use in our two Bedale pay and display car parks, please specify your preference at time of purchase.  

Our short stay parkcards are no longer available to purchase, those which are still valid can continue to be used in our pay and display car parks offering short stay parking until their expiry or when our pay and display machine are replaced in the summer. 

Motorcycle parking

Solo motorbikes can park in the designated motorcycle spaces in our pay and display car parks in the following locations, parking is free and for an unrestricted duration at:

  • Applegarth long stay
  • Northallerton
  • Thirsk Market Place
  • Thirsk Millgate
  • Bridge Street, Bedale

Motorcycles with side cars can park in standard bays, but have to buy a pay and display ticket as they are treated like a regular car.

Designated motorcycle parking is provided at the following disc parking area, if this area is full, then standard parking bays can be used free of charge and for an unrestricted duration at:

  • High Street, Stokesley

Motorcycles with side cars can park in standard bays inaccordance with the disc parking regulations.

Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) overnight parking

HGVs may park in the Applegarth long stay car park, Monday to Saturday 18:00-08:00 at £9.00 a day. Sundays are free.

HGVs are not permitted to park in any other car parks.

Coach parking

Coaches can park for free at Millgate Coach Park from 07:00-23:00 each day for up to 4 hours, but with no return within one hour of leaving.