Air quality in Hambleton

Annual Status Reports (ASR)

We are required to report to government (Defra) at least annually on the state of the air quality in the district. This is achieved by the production and submission of an air quality annual status report (ASR). These reports follow a specified format that varies in content depending on the specific requirements set for that reporting year

The following table contains links to the most recent ASR and reports from 2018 and 2017


Annual Status Report

Defra Appraisal Report

Report Status


2019 Air Quality Annual Status Report 

Hambleton ASR appraisal report 2019



2018 Air Quality Annual Status Report

Hambleton Annual Status Report (ASR) appraisal report 2018



2017 Air Quality Annual Status Report

Hambleton ASR appraisal report 2017


It is of interest to note that long term monitoring trends within Northallerton have demonstrated a 28% reduction in nitrogen dioxide concentrations since 2002.  Other sites across the district have also shown reductions between 13 and 48%.

If you have any comments pertaining to the Annual Status Report then please contact the Environmental Health service at the following address:  [email protected]