Noise problems

Noise from commercial premises

We will investigate complaints about businesses such as shops, factories and warehouses including noise from extract fans and deliveries.

If you are experiencing problems from licensed premises we advise that you inform the premises directly to see if a resolution can be found and to give them an opportunity to address the issues. Often they are grateful for contact from individuals to them to reach a compromise between them running their business and your enjoyment of your property.

Where this is not possible or it is ineffective report it to us and we will investigate.

Report a noise problem ยป

Ventilation systems

Ventilation, air extraction and air-conditioning systems can be a noise nuisance to neighbours, particularly extract units at catering businesses such as restaurants and take-aways but may also include extraction systems from a production plant at other commercial premises. In addition businesses may require planning permission to install ventilation, air extraction or air-conditioning systems and we will refer these to the Planning Department.