CCTV in Hambleton

CCTV in Hambleton

CCTV covers the main shopping areas and car parks of Northallerton, Thirsk, Stokesley and Bedale. Currently there are 46 fixed cameras and 2 mobile cameras owned by the Safer Hambleton Hub which can be deployed in crime or anti-social behaviour ‘hot spots’ in response to changing needs.

We use our CCTV cameras to:

  • prevent and detect crime
  • assist in reducing anti-social behaviour, drug and alcohol misuse, vandalism, shoplifting and driving offences
  • contribute to public safety – protect people and property
  • provide public reassurance
  • produce high quality evidence which is used by the police in their investigations

The control room is supported by direct access to police radio systems and a shop watch scheme which operates in Northallerton. 

In accordance with the data protection and human rights law:

  • images are retained for a period of 31 days unless required by the police for evidence
  • access to recordings and to the CCTV control room is restricted
  • all operators must pass police vetting for use of airwaves radio, an advanced CRB check and hold a Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licence

Codes of Practice

The provision of CCTV systems and monitoring of cameras are regulated by the Information Commissioners Office. Hambleton District Council CCTV Codes of Practice covers the operation of the CCTV System and works in accordance with the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s Self Assessment framework.

Privacy, Human Rights and Data Protection

The CCTV system is used to prevent and detect crime in our district.It is not designed to spy on people going about their normal daily business. All recordings are kept for a maximum of 31 days and then wiped unless they are needed by the police for evidence. Evidential recordings are then stored in a secure room until they are required for use in court, or the Police advise is that they can be destroyed. Access to the CCTV control room and associated equipment is restricted to CCTV Operators who have all gone through a vetting procedure before taking up employment with Hambleton District Council. Access to any recordings held in the control room is also restricted to operators and police officers for the purpose of criminal investigations.This is a very important part of the Data Protection and Human Rights Act.