Council Tax discounts

Second Adult Rebate

The following gives the basic guidelines to see if you would be eligible to claim this benefit:

  • do you share your home with one adult or more who cannot pay towards the council tax?
  • is the additional adult not your partner?
  • is the person who shares your home aged 18 or over, not paying you rent, not paying council tax themselves and on a low income?

If the answer is yes to all of the above then you may be entitled to a Second Adult Rebate. Other important facts of note regarding Second Adult Rebate are:

  • you may be able to get Second Adult Rebate even if you do not normally get Council Tax Reduction
  • if you already get Council Tax Reduction you will not need to claim Second Adult Rebate
  • your income and savings will not affect Second Adult Rebate

Contact us to see if you are eligible and apply for Second Adult Rebate.