Council Tax

Band reductions

Council Tax band is based on what a home might have sold for in April 1991. To determine the correct band the size, age, character and the locality of the property would have been taken into account. The Council Tax bandings are set by the Valuation Office Agency.

If you think that your property may be in the wrong band or would like to check the bandings of neighbouring properties go to the Valuation Office website for more details.

If you want to discuss your banding you can call the local office in York on 03000 501501. It is not necessary to spend money on querying the Council Tax band of your property.

Be aware

Fraudsters are calling Council Taxpayers telling them that the council tax band has been reduced, and requesting bank details and dates of birth to process the refund. If you receive such a call please contact the council on 01609 779977 or the police.

Reduction for disabilities

You may be able to get a reduction in your Council Tax if you are disabled or you have a disabled person living with you who needs to use a wheelchair indoors, or if the property has:

  • an additional bathroom or kitchen especially for the disabled person
  • another room (which isn't primarily a bedroom) used mainly to meet the disabled person's special needs

An application must be made in writing. The property will be inspected by a council officer before a decision is made.

A successful application may have the effect of reducing your bill as if the property was in a lower band. If your property is in the lowest band already we may still be able to reduce your bill.

Pay Council Tax

You can pay your Council Tax online now by using our secure payment system