Tenders and contracts

Procurement documents

Hambleton District Council's Procurement seeks to:

  • continuously reduce the cost of bought in goods works and services by aggregating spend wherever practicable and by taking full account of the total cost of ownership; as well as the back office processes that form part of the purchase to pay process.
  • manage demand created by both the consumer and the market to ensure maximum use of the available resources.
  • promote healthy open competition from all sectors public /private and third sector
  • support the use of small and medium suppliers, local supply networks and the development of local suppliers through open and transparent competition.
  • ensure all procurement is conducted either through the agreed process utilising support from procurement professionals within and external to both councils
  • identify the need to enhance skills and leadership in procurement, building on the existing skills base
  • collaborate with UK government agencies and other organisations to leverage maximum benefits
  • ensuring probity and compliance that includes accountability, legal process, risk management, openness and transparency, providing fairness for all stakeholders
  • innovate and encourage creativity, challenge existing methods, engage customers, suppliers and procurement staff at the earliest stage of the process,identify all possible benefits.
  • ensure consideration of the environmental, social and economic cost of procurement choices and realising the additional benefits that may possibly be realised from procurement activity.

Standard Terms and Conditions

When suppliers receive an order for the provision of goods, services and works there are terms and conditions which must be followed.

Any special terms of contract that are appropriate to particular procurements will be sent out in the tender information.

The Council's Constitution