Bin collection changes from 4 June 2018

Bin collection changes from 4 June 2018

From 4 June 2018 refuse, recycling and garden waste collections are changing.

Find your bin collection day

You can confirm your collection for any property in the district using our new Bin Collection Finder.

What is happening

Refuse, recycling and garden waste collections have been revised to improve the efficiency of the service.

For many people there will be no change in your collection day but the collection time, driver and crew may change. 

For some people there may be a different collection day for black bin and recycling/green bin. We have tried to ensure that garden waste licence holders will have their bin emptied the same day as their recycling bin and box.

Your postcard

Prior to 4 June 2018 every household will receive a postcard notifying them of their collection day.

Why is this happening?

The increasing number of new properties within the district has led to inefficient routes being driven by collection crews creating difficulties sustaining operational demand with existing resources. These changes are happening because we need to use the most cost effective routes for collecting waste and recycling. It is much more than just working out which is the shortest path between two locations. Route efficiency will enable us to meet new levels of demand and cost savings.

Frequently asked questions

You can access our answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

When are the collections?

Refuse, recycling and garden waste (for licence holders) will continue to be collected fortnightly.

You will be able to find your new collection day on our new Bin Collection Finder, which was available online on 22 May 2018 to support the individual notifications by postcard.

Returns and missed bins

The new routes will involve different drivers and different rounds, so from 4 June 2018 we anticipate there may be some missed collections. We are sorry that we will not be able to return to collect missed bins during the rollout period but would encourage you to notify us so that we can ensure the error doesn't reoccur. This can be done by completing our online missed bin form.

If your bin is missed, we ask if you could contain your waste in your bin until your next collection. If you are unable to do this, excess general refuse can be taken to the North Yorkshire County Council Household Waste Recycling Centres. Otherwise excess waste will be collected on the next scheduled collection if placed alongside bins in bags.

We can send recycling sacks if your recycling bin has been missed and you are unable to manage until your next collection.

We can send garden waste sacks if you are a licence holder and your garden waste bin has been missed.

Bin Collection Finder

You can confirm your collection for any property in the district using our new Bin Collection Finder.

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Thank you for your support and cooperation over this transition period while the new rounds come into effect.