Pest control

Bees, wasps and hornets

We treat wasps and hornets but we do not treat bees. If we find bees on the premises, we will not remove them but we will still charge our call out fee. Help us avoid this by identifying bees before giving us a call.

Are they bumblebees?

Bumblebees are round and very hairy with a yellow, white or orange band on their tails. They make a very loud buzzing sound and are about the size of a 50p piece. They tend to live in old bird boxes, compost heaps, under decking and in holes in the ground.

Action: Leave them alone if possible. Bumblebees are an important pollinator and rarely sting. Bumblebees are under threat of extinction.

Bbka bumblebee

Are they honeybees?

Honeybees have golden brown or dark bands and are slightly furry. They tend to form in clumps hanging from trees, gate posts and chimneys, or swirl around in the air in their thousands. They are slightly bigger than a house fly, but smaller than a bluebottle.

Action: Contact your local BBKA swarm coordinator.

Bbka honey bee

Are they wasps?

Wasps are smooth-bodied and bright yellow with thick black stripes. They tend to live in roofs of houses or round nests in trees or sheds. They have a high-pitched buzz and are about the size of a bluebottle fly.

Action: We will deal with them - see our fees or contact us.

If you're worried about wasps you can find out more here:

Bbka wasp

Are they hornets?

Hornets are generally bigger than bees and wasps and have a very loud, low buzz. They are black and brown with a hint of orange and big curved tail. They tend to live in roofs and sheds.

Action: We will deal with them - see our fees or contact us.

Bbka european hornet

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