Pest control

Pest control

Public health pests are best dealt with by professional pest controllers because successful treatments require a high degree of knowledge and skill. All our Pest Control Officers have up-to-date qualifications and knowledge of the laws relating to pest control. The staff are trained to the highest standard: The Royal Society of Health - Pest Control (R.S.H.P.C)

We are unable to provide a service for pigeons, squirrels, foxes and bees.

The pest control service will undertake treatments for rats, mice inside the home, ants, cluster flies, wasps, bed bugs, moths, beetles and cockroaches in domestic and commercial premises.

We also offer a pest management service for businesses and our portfolio of commercial contracts include food producers, farms, nursing homes and schools.

The Cost

Those in receipt of means tested benefit:

Customers who receive the following means tested benefits will be charged a reduced rate (minimum charge £30 including VAT).

  • housing benefit and Council Tax reduction
  • income support
  • pension credit guarantee
  • Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) - income based
  • Job Seekers Allowance - income based
  • Universal Credit

We will need to see proof that you are in receipt of benefit for this discount to apply. 

PEST CONTROL FEES from 01 April 2018

Domestic premises Standard                     Means tested benefits
Advisory visit no treatment needed - including if called out and bees found £55.08 (45.90 +VAT) £30.00 (25.00 + VAT)

Appointment cancelled either on the day of the appointment or after midday the day before 

Missed appointment

£30.00 (25.00 +VAT)

£30.00 (25.00 + VAT)

£30.00 (25.00 + VAT)

£30.00 (25.00 + VAT)

This is for a maximum of 3 visits per treatment to a private dwelling with limited outbuildings. Larger premises will have a contract rate applied.
£73.44  (61.20 + VAT) £36.72 (30.60 + VAT)


(Note we do not treat bees, if an officer is called out and attends the property and bees not wasps are present there will be no refund of the fee)

£55.08  (45.90 +VAT) £30.00 (25.00 + VAT)

Cluster flies Includes 2 loft spaces

each additional loft
£73.44  (61.20 + VAT) £36.72 (30.60 + VAT)
£18.36 (15.30 + VAT) £9.18 (7.65 + VAT)
up to 3 bedrooms
£73.44  (61.20+VAT)    £36.72 (30.60 + VAT)
each additional bedroom £18.36 (15.30 + VAT) £9.18 (7.65 + VAT)
Carpet moths
up to 3 bedrooms
£88.20  (73.50 + VAT) £44.10 (36.75 + VAT)
each additional bedroom £18.36 (15.30 + VAT) £9.18 (7.65+ VAT)
Cockroaches each visit £73.44 (61.20 + VAT) £36.72 (30.60 + VAT)
Bedbugs 1 bedroom house £195.84 (163.20+VAT) £115.20 (96.00 + VAT)
Bed bug survey if no treatment necessary £60.00 (50.00 + VAT) £30.00 (25.00 + VAT)


Commercial Premises Ex VAT With VAT     Clarifications
Rodent Destruction - Commercial. Contract per hour £63.20 £75.84 Per treatment plus £15 + VAT per additional visit (over the seven scheduled as part of contract minimum 2 hours)
Rodent Destruction - Commercial Non Contract per treatment £63.20 £75.84 Plus materials and £15 + VAT per additional visit up to a maximum of 3
Insect Destruction-Commercial per hour £63.20 £75.84

Plus materials and £15 + VAT per visit additional visit up to a maximum of 3


Fees that apply to domestic and commercial


With VAT

Advice visit £45.90 £55.08 Refundable if treatment undertaken on same day.
Raising an invoice rather than payment by debit card £15.30 £18.36  

Contact us

Please ring us on 01609 779977 to report a pest problem. When you ring us please have the following details to hand:

  • name
  • telephone number
  • email address
  • address of where the pest problem is
  • type of pest
  • either your Council Tax Reduction number or a debit card / credit card

Cluster Flies

What are they?

They are flies that hibernate in the winter usually in your loft; there are a number of different types and sizes of flies that come under this heading.

What should I look for?

They will be seen on the south facing or warmest wall on the outside of your property in early Autumn, from there as the temperature drops they will walk vertically until they find a source of warm air or cracks and crevices to get into. You will see dozy flies in your house or when you open the loft hatch you could wake them up and they will escape into your house.

Will they harm me?

No, they are mainly a nuisance and a cosmetic factor, possibly getting into ceiling lights.


It is difficult to control cluster flies and it is something that goes with living in the countryside in the UK. Fly sprays are effective inside, but these can cause breathing difficulties for people with asthma or other breathing problems.

Outside walls can be sprayed, but this will affect all insects and birds that feed off them. These treatments only last for a short while and then the problem returns. Treatment is most effective if it is carried out in the winter by a professional pest controller.

Hambleton District Council Pest Control treatment

Payment is per treatment.

The Pest Control Officer will assess the property and discuss when it is best to undertake treatment, complete eradication cannot be guaranteed.