Street cleaning

Littering and litter picks

If you witness someone throwing litter our their car or dropping on the street, and you wish to report the incident please note that in order for enforceable action (providing you would be prepared to be a witness at magistrates court) to be taken we require as much information as possible:

  • names
  • car registration, make and model
  • photographs
  • time and location details
  • convenient times you could attend court in the next 3 months.

Report fly-tipping here ยป

Litter picks 

To assist a local community in their good work we will loan out litter picking equipment gloves and high visibility vests to fit both young and old.

Once completed if we could be supplied with the information of where the waste is left, then we can arrange for it to be collected.

Please ring 01609 779977 if you would like to arrange one.