Street cleaning

Litter and dog bins

The Council is responsible for providing and emptying litter and dog bins in public areas. Please report any bins that are:

  • damaged
  • dangerous to the public
  • overflowing

If you feel there is a need for a new bin in your area please contact your parish or town council. 

Please be aware that collected bags of dog fouling can also be placed in street litter bins.

If you witness someone throwing litter out of their car or dropping on the street and you wish to report the incident, please note that in order for enforceable action  to be taken we require as much information as possible:

  • names
  • car registration, make, model
  • photographs
  • time and location details
  • convenient times you could attend court in the next 3 months.

You must also be prepared to act as a witness at a magistrates court.


Please ring 01609 779977 to report