Household collections

Clinical waste

Clinical waste is:

  • blood or bodily fluids
  • excretions
  • drugs or other pharmaceutical products
  • swabs or dressings
  • syringes, needles or other sharp instruments

Hazardous clinical waste

This can only be collected by specialised companies, who have staff trained to collect the waste in a modified & licensed vehicle. All hazardous clinical waste must be incinerated.

Non hazardous clinical waste

Non-hazardous clinical waste such as incontinence pads can be combined into the household domestic waste and disposed of using the black wheeled bin. Please note that the Council does not collect clinical waste from business premises.

Hypodermic needles

Hypodermic needles and hazardous clinical wastes should never be disposed of in domestic waste.  Sealed Sharps boxes can be returned by appointment to  the Waste and Street Scene department of Hambleton District Council please call 01609 779977 to arrange appointment.

We do not collect from private properties.