Local land charges

Local land charges

The council undertakes searches on individual properties - usually on behalf of prospective purchasers - to identify any town planning, statutory orders, highways, housing and environmental health matters which might impact on the property.

How to order a search

All searches must be emailed to [email protected] or through an online Search Provider.

You must provide:

  • the full postal address of the property you wish to search on
  • the full postal address for your firms so we can invoice for the fee
  • an up to date OS location plan showing the search site marked with a red line boundary

Please note we no longer accept searches by post and with cheques attached.


From 1st January 2017, there will be 20% VAT on all CON29 questions

The most commonly used fees are; 

  • personal search - no fee
  • LLC1- £20.00
  • Con29- £60.00 +20% VAT = £72.00
  • total for basic search - £92.00
  • Additional Enquiries - Vary in price please see fee sheet linked below

You can also download the full list of fees here;

You can find the advice from North Yorkshire County Council on completing Box C here:

Personal searches

The Register of Local Land Charges is available and accessible free of charge at the Civic Centre. The information to complete the LLC1 and CON29R and 0 forms is available via a computer terminal.

To book an appointment please call Customer Services on 01609 779977.

Further information

You can contact our Land Charges Officer for further information on 01609 779977.

Alternatively, Gov.uk has a helpful article called Buying a home - what you need to know