Neighbourhood planning

Huby neighbourhood plan

Huby Parish Council is preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish. The first step was to seek designation of the Neighbourhood Area. An application for the designation of the whole parish (as shown on the map) was received by Hambleton Council on 22 May 2012 (see letter).

The Neighbourhood Plan project was awarded a Front Runners grant of £20,000 from DCLG in March 2012, following an application made by Hambleton Council in November 2011.

The District Council advertised the application in the Easingwold Advertiser on 2 June 2012 (public notice) and the period for making representations ran until 16 July 2012. No representations were received.

Hambleton Council agreed the designation of Huby Parish as shown on the map and applied for by Huby Parish Council on 11 September 2012. Work on the Neighbourhood Plan was deferred until after the outcome of the Robin Lane appeal inquiry which was dismissed on 27th May 2015.  Work has recommenced and a draft plan is being prepared

For further information visit the Huby Parish Council website.