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Size, type and tenure of new homes SPD

The Council believes that market forces alone will not provide the homes that we need at prices that local people can afford. Households in Hambleton are getting smaller and the population is ageing but the private market is still delivering a high proportion of larger, family homes and only a handful of bungalows have been built since 2007.

The Council’s aim in publishing this Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) is to encourage a change in house types and sizes and increase tenure choice, enabling all residents to have access to a decent home which they can afford and which suits their needs.

This SPD relates in the main to market housing as the Council’s requirements in respect of affordable housing are included within a separate SPD. This is the first Size, Type and Tenure of New Homes SPD that has been produced by the Council. It has been informed by data from the 2001 and 2011 Census, the North Yorkshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment (NYSHMA) 2011, the Council’s SHLAA Oct 2014, planning permissions and market data from Rightmove and local estate agents, an internal review of older people’s housing needs, December 2013 and demographic analysis and forecast undertaken by Edge Analytics 2014.

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