Supplementary Planning Documents

Conservation Area Appraisals SPD

In December 2009 the Council adopted its third Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). The Domestic Extensions SPD offers general advice for home owners, architects, applicants and others involved in the siting and design of residential extensions. It covers a range of topics, from the pre-application process, design principles and detailed design guidance, through to submitting a planning application.

Following changes to Government Regulations in April 2009, new SPDs no-longer require a Sustainability Appraisal. Instead, screening of the document was undertaken to demonstrate that no new issues have been introduced which aren't already covered in the Sustainability Appraisals of the Core Strategy and Development Policies Development Plan Documents (DPDs). This Screening Determination is available for download below. English Heritage, The Environment Agency and Natural England (all statutory consultees) have agreed that no significant environmental impacts would arise from the document.

A six week consultation ran during August and September 2009, including two drop in surgeries for anyone interested. All comments received have been summarised in a Consultation Statement, along with the Council's response and details of any changes recommended. This report was considered by Council in December 2009 and minor changes were agreed to be made in the adopted version (see Adoption Statement below).