Adopted Local Development Framework

Allocations DPD

In December 2010 the Council adopted its third Development Plan Document (DPD). This completes the suite of DPDs making up the Local Development Framework (LDF). The Allocations DPD sets out sites for development (e.g. housing and employment) and defines Development Limits for the main settlements in the area of Hambleton outside the North York Moors National Park. This plan covers the period up to 2026.

The Allocations DPD underwent public examination in May 2010 following several years of community consultation. The independent Planning Inspectors who approved the DPD were satisfied that it met the requirements of the Planning Act and Regulations, subject to a few minor alterations.

Annex 5 of the DPD contains the Council's Proposals Map, which shows the adopted LDF policies and proposals. These include sites for housing, employment and recreation, as well as areas for protection and safeguarding, including Green Belt, transport schemes, shopping centres and historic and nature conservation sites. This Proposals Map replaces that which was adopted in February 2008 as Annex 5 of the Development Policies DPD.

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