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In February 2008 the Council adopted its second Development Plan Document (DPD) as part of the Local Development Framework (LDF). The Development Policies DPD sets out detailed policies for controlling development and delivering the vision, objectives and Core Policies of the Core Strategy DPD.

Its policies play a key role in determining planning applications, by explaining practical ways of implementing the Core Policies and showing where other guidance can be found, such as National Policies and Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)

Annex 5 of the DPD contains the Council's Proposals Map, showing designations and areas for protection or safeguarding including Green Belt, transport investment schemes, town centres, shopping centres and historic and nature conservation sites. Following adoption of the Allocations DPD in December 2010 however, the Annex was replaced and now shows site specific areas for housing, employment, community and other uses.

As with all DPDs the Development Policies document underwent extensive community consultation followed by a public examination. The independent Planning Inspector who approved the DPD was satisfied that the Core Strategy complies with the Planning Act and Regulations. Her binding report was received in November 2007 and is available to view from the background document list below.

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