Warm homes

Energy saving, tariffs and grants

Making simple changes will help to keep your home warm which will improve your health and may also save you money. 

You can get more advice and information from the websites below:

  • Advice about preparing for winter
  • Warm Healthy Homes is a scheme to help home owners who are on a low income and have a cold related health condition. Eligible home owners receive a Warm Healthy Homes Check which identifies ways to reduce fuel costs and works required to improve the energy efficiency of the home. The scheme can also provide financial assistance and advice.
  • Warm & Well in North Yorkshire raises awareness of the impact of cold homes on our health and wellbeing, offers practical solutions to reduce fuel poverty, and supports people and communities to stay warm and well in winter. Referrals can be made into the project if someone is living in or at risk of a cold home or fuel poverty, struggling to afford their energy bills, or worried about winter. These can be made by professionals and by individuals themselves. For further information please visit the Warm and Well website or telephone 01609 767 555.

For more information contact the Communities Team.