Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Bins and recycling

Please help to protect you refuse, recycling and garden waste crews who are doing their utmost to keep the service running.

Can we kindly ask resident to remain a safe distance of greater than 2 metres from our collection crews at all times and to disinfect their bin handles when they put them out for collection.

Parking your car

With so many people at home at the moment please consider where you park your car. If the refuse vehicle can't get down your street because of your parked car we won't be emptying your bins or your neighbours' and we're unable to return to empty bins at a later date. 

If you are showing symptoms or self isolating

If you are self isolating or where one or more persons have symptoms of Coronavirus waste must be put in plastic bags, tied securely and then put inside another plastic bag and again securely tied. Please disinfect the bin handles afterwards. Wait 72 hours before putting this bagged waste in your wheeled bin for collection. Do not put any bagged waste into your recycling bin.