Housing options for younger people

Other accommodation for 16-25 year olds

SASH - Safe and Sound Homes 

The Council may refer young single homeless people to an organisation called 'SASH' where a short term placement will be organised. Transport, meal and a bed for the night are provided by volunteers within their home. All referrals come through The Hub.

SASH - Supported lodgings

Sash offer young people a room in the house of one of their hosts for up to two years. The young person is a lodger in the host's home, pays rent and a contribution towards bills.

The host acts as a mentor to help the young person acquire the knowledge and skills they need to become independent. Regular meetings and training sessions with the SASH Support Worker ensure the placement is going well and that the young person is moving towards their goal of living independently.

We can currently offer supported lodgings in York, North Yorkshire, the East Riding of Yorkshire and Hull.


Foundation offer support to obtain and maintain accommodation in the Hambleton District. Foundation are the lead provider of accommodation and support for young people in the Hambleton District. Foundation have a variety of accommodation from some that is staffed 24 hours per day, to independent accommodation in the Hambleton district.

Foundation also support people when they are released from prison and work in partnership with North Yorkshire Probation Service to deliver this service, either in managed properties or floating support. All referrals come through The Hub.