Gypsies, Roma, Travelers and Showmen in Hambleton

Caravan count

Hambleton like other councils across England undertakes a count of Gypsy and Traveller Caravans twice a year and records the number of caravans on both authorised and unauthorised sites. This data is sent to the Department of Communities & Local Government.

Introduced in England in 1979, the count is intended to estimate the size of the GRTS population in order to ensure that adequate site provision is made for them. By choosing the months January and July the count gives an insight into the difference between summer and winter travelling patterns. The count findings can help to assess site availability (both permanent and transit), monitor Local Authority progress towards site provision and highlight issues relating to GTRS social inclusion along with access to other services.

Traveller Sites in Hambleton

As of June 2014 there were 20 traveller sites across Hambleton. Many of these are small (1 pitch). The two largest are Bankside close, Thirsk ( 16 pitches) and Hillfield Close, Seamer ( 16 pitches), both of which are public sites. Many of these sites are well established they do include a new private site at Goose Lane, Sutton on the Forest where planning permission was granted for 8 permanent and 4 transit pitches in March 2014, following the Councils call for sites in early 2013.