Street naming, numbering and addresses

When do I need this service?

If you need:

  • a new street named
  • a building named and/or numbered
  • a building re-named and/or re-numbered
  • a existing street named and/or re-named

For new streets and buildings you should make an application well before they become occupied, as utility companies are reluctant to install services without an official postal address and postcode and will take approximately a month to complete.

Who should apply?

If you are:

  • building new houses, commercial or industrial premises
  • converting residential, commercial or industrial premises that will result in a creation of new properties or premises
  • wishing to change the registered name of a property
  • wish to add or change an alias name to a registered numbered premises

Please note, if you are not the freehold owner of the property concerned, you must seek the owner's written permission and submit this with the application.

What is an alias name?

If the property already has a house number it cannot be replaced with a name. However, the Council will allow the addition of an alias name to the address. The name will be held by Royal Mail on their 'alias file' and will not form part of the official address.

The alias name can only be used in conjunction with the property number, not as a replacement.

Further information

Want to suggest a name for a street?

You can submit name requests here.

Please see guidance above before submitting to make sure they are names comply with council's policy.