Council Tax

Payment methods

Pay Council Tax now

The quickest and easiest method to pay your Council Tax is by doing it online now by using our secure payment system

There will be a 1.52% service charge for using a credit card or a pre-payment card to make your payment. This is to cover the cost charged to the Council, we do not make profit from it.

Other payment methods

We have four core payment methods available; Direct Debit, paying online, telephone (24hr) or by cash and cheque.

Direct Debit 

This is the most convenient way to pay your Council Tax - just give us the details once and no need to remember to make the payments.

Please print, complete and return this Direct Debit Instruction.

Payment will be collected on 1st or 15th of the month. Please note, the optional date of the 15th is only available for Direct Debit payers. If the amount you have to pay changes we will tell you in writing and we will automatically alter the amount we collect. 

Alternatively telephone us on 01609 779977 to set up a Direct Debit arrangement.


You can pay over the phone by calling our 24 hour automated telephone payment line on 01609 767230. You will need your credit or debit card details and your council tax reference number.

Cash and cheque

You can pay in cash or cheque at any of our offices. You can find where your local office is and when its opening times are here.

Note: You may incur additional charges at the Post Office and some banks.

Are you having problems paying?

If you are having difficulty making any payment we can help you by agreeing a payment arrangement with you. You should contact us immediately to make an arrangement, or find out more information here.