Council Tax

Tax bands and charges

Each property in the district is assigned one of eight tax bands (A to H) based on property value, and the tax for that property is set as a fixed amount for each band. You can find out your property's tax band here:

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Our tax bands

The table below gives you the total amount that you will be expected to pay in Council Tax for the year 2019/20. We have included the amounts that you will need to pay for the different services.

Services provided by:  Band A Band B Band C Band D Band E Band F Band G Band H
Hambleton District Council £72.99 £85.15 £97.32 £109.48 £133.81 £158.14 £182.47 £218.96
North Yorkshire County Council £811.68 £946.96 £1,082.24 £1,217.52 £1,488.08 £1,758.64 £2,029.20 £2,435.04
NYCC Adult Social Care £62.43 £72.83 £83.24 £93.64 £114.45 £135.26 £156.07 £187.28
North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue £47.51 £55.43 £63.35 £71.27 £87.11 £102.95 £118.78 £142.54
North Yorkshire Police £170.51 £198.93 £227.35 £255.77 £312.61 £369.45 £426.28 £511.54
Total for above authorities £1,165.12 £1,359.30 £1,553.50 £1,747.68 £2,136.06 £2,524.44 £2,912.80 £3,495.36

* These figures do not include any local parish precept. The exact amount that you will be charged will vary depending on which parish council area you live in.

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Important information about Hambleton Council Tax increase

For the financial year 2019-20 the government allowed low charging shire districts like Hambleton to increase their Council Tax by either no more than 2% or by no more than £5 for a band D property. Hambleton District Council have agreed to increase their charge by £5 resulting in the band D figure rising from £104.48 to £109.48.

Council Tax bands

The Valuation Office Agency places each property in a valuation band ranging from Band A to Band H. You can check your band or see below for more information.

The Council tax is set for a property in 'Band D'. The Council Tax charge for properties in other bands is then a proportion of the band D charge, as follows:

Valuation Band A B C D E F G H
Proportion of band D figure 6:9 7:9 8:9 9:9 11:9 13:9 15:9 18:9

The Valuation Office Agency placed properties in a valuation band according to the price it would have fetched if sold on April 1, 1991.

Band A: Up to £40,000
Band B: £40,000 - 52,000
Band C: £52,001 - 68,000
Band D: £68,001 - 88,000
Band E: £88,001 - 120,000
Band F: £120,001 - 160,000
Band G: £160,001- 320,000
Band H: £320,001 and above

Appealing against the valuation

You can appeal if you think your property is in the wrong valuation band or if the property is not a home. You can find out how to do that here.

Budgetary information

Please use the links below for a downloadable version of the latest budgetary information leaflets from:

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