Council Tax

Change of address/circumstances

When we send you your Council Tax bill it is based on your circumstances as we know at the time. If any of your circumstances change, it may affect the amount you pay.

Your bill could change if:

If any of the circumstances which may affect your bill change, by law you must tell us as soon as possible. If you delay in letting us know you may have difficulty paying any increased amount you owe.

By letting us know straight away we will be able to send you the correct bill.

Change of address

You can notify us of a change of address using our report a change of address for Council Tax form.

Change of circumstances for Council Tax Reduction

If you receive Council Tax reduction, the law says you must tell us if there is any change to the information we have used to decide your entitlement to Council Tax reduction. You can find out more here, or simply fill in our report a change of circumstances for Council Tax Reduction form.