Council Tax

Tell us you are moving

You need to tell us if you move into or out of a property within the Hambleton area, so that we can update your Council Tax account.

You can tell us up to 2 weeks in advance of your moving date, but not earlier.

If you are responsible for Council Tax and are moving from one Hambleton address to another, tell us here:

Moving within the Hambleton area »

If you are moving into Hambleton from another area, or if you are moving within Hambleton but were not responsible for Council Tax at your old house (for example, if you lived with your parents), tell us here:     

Moving into the Hambleton area »

If you are moving out of Hambleton to another area, or will no longer be responsible for council tax at an address in Hambleton (for example, if you are selling your property or are moving in with friends or family), tell us here:

Moving out of the Hambleton area »

If you are a Landlord or Letting Agent please inform us of changes in tenants or occupants at a property which is let, tell us here:

Landlords and Letting Agents »

If you’re the only person over 18 in your home, you may be able to get a 25% discount on your Council Tax bill. Find out here:

Single Occupancy Discount »