Council Tax

Unoccupied properties

The Government is allowing councils to introduce changes to Council Tax discounts and exemptions.

For people living in the Hambleton District Council Area it means that from April 2018:

  • a 100% discount for the first month, followed by a 50% discount for five months has been replaced by 100% discount for the first month followed by a full charge. This applies to vacant and substantially unfurnished properties. It is important to note that this is applied from the date the home is made vacant.
  • a 50% discount from day one will replace the previous 12 month 100% discount period where properties that are vacant, substantially unfurnished and require or are undergoing major repair work or structural alterations.
  • a 150% charge will become due where an unoccupied/unfurnished property has been empty for more than two years

The conditions for awarding the above discounts have not changed.

For further advice and information contact Customer Services on 01609 779977 or email: