Council Tax

Special Payment Arrangement – Court Summons

If you've received a Court Summons for council tax arrears, you will need to complete a Special Payment Arrangement to propose a plan to clear your arrears before the end of the current financial year (by 31 March).

Special payment arrangement ยป

Council Tax arrears

For council tax arrears, to complete this form you'll need:

  • council tax reference number
  • council tax property address
  • your name and contact address (if different to the council tax property)
  • telephone number or email address
  • your National Insurance Number
  • employment details including payroll number (or business name if self employed)
  • benefit details where applicable
  • bank details (if making payment by Direct Debit)
  • start date for payments

Your account reference number is shown on the summons. If you no longer have this, you can request a copy bill here.

Completing the Special Payment Arrangement Form

By completing the Special Payment Arrangement form, you are agreeing to pay your outstanding debt within the current financial year.

If you feel you are unable to clear your arrears within the current financial year, contact our Recovery Team.

If you choose to do nothing, then further action will be taken which may incur additional costs.

If you are a company with council tax arrears please contact our Recovery Team to discuss any arrangement