Council Tax

Council Tax

Council Tax is used to pay for local services, As well as our own, it pays for services from North Yorkshire County Council, Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority. The tax is linked to the value of your home and there is only one bill for each household. The basic bill assumes that there are at least two adults living in each property, if there are less than two adults living in the home the bill may be reduced.

Pay Council Tax

You can pay your Council Tax online now by using our secure payment system


The owner-occupier or tenant is usually responsible for paying the Council Tax as there is only one bill for each property. However, if no-one lives in the property, then the person who owns the property must pay. In either case, the person who pays the Council Tax bill is known as 'the liable person' - you can find more information about how we calculate that here.

In some cases more than one person will be responsible for paying the Council Tax. The responsible people can be joint owners, joint tenants or a couple living together.

Account enquiries

If you have any questions regarding Council Tax or would like to:

  • apply for a discount, exemption or reduction
  • change your method of payment
  • check your balance and make a payment or arrangement

Then please contact Customer Services on 01609 779977 quoting your Council Tax account reference where known. Your Council Tax account reference can be found on your Council Tax bill.

Notify us of a change of address or circumstances

It is quick and easy to notify us of a change of address. You can do it online using our secure form.

Depending on your what benefits and discounts you receive, you may also need to inform us of any other change in circumstances. Find out more here.

Council Tax reduction

If you are on a low income and paying rent and/or Council Tax then you may be eligible to claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction. You can find out more about Council Tax reduction here and Housing Benefit here.

To get an idea of which benefits you may be entitled to, use our Benefits Calculator.


We will send you an amended bill showing you what you now need to pay if you have had an overpayment of Council Tax reduction. The amount will be added back on to your Council Tax bill.

If you have difficulty paying the bill, disagree with the reason for the overpayment or the amount due, you must contact us within one month of the date you were informed of the overpayment.

Pay Council Tax

You can pay your Council Tax online now by using our secure payment system