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Local Authority Flexible Eligibility

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a government energy efficiency scheme in Great Britain to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty.

Energy companies can spend up to a maximum of 10% of their affordable warmth obligation by installing energy saving measures in premises that have been declared eligible by Local Authorities.

Under the ECO Regulations 2017-2018 (ECO2t) Local Authorities are able to set their own criteria to help identify people within the district who may be eligible for funding. This ensures households in private tenure living either in fuel poverty or living on a low income and who are particularly vulnerable to the effects of living in the cold can access funding to help improve energy efficiency of their homes.

Local Authorities must publish a statement of intent that defines who is eligible for funding.

Statement of Intent

Four Local Authorities within North Yorkshire including Hambleton, Scarborough, Richmondshire and Ryedale have come together to agree on common criteria to identify who would be eligible. We must publish all versions of the document. You can view them here:



Eligibility Criteria

1) Low Income

A total Gross Household Income not exceeding £30,000 per annum. (Employed and/or Pensionable income and/or benefit payment)


2a) High Cost

Property EPC rating of E, F or G

2b) High Cost

Property EPC rating of D; and living in a hard to treat home:

  • Property has solid walls, non-standard cavity walls or system built walls, or,
  • Property is off the gas network

2c) Vulnerable to cold


Property EPC rating of D; and a health condition made worse by cold:

  • Chronic respiratory condition, or
  • Cardiovascular condition, or
  • Musculoskeletal illness, or
  • Mental health condition

2d) Vulnerable to cold


Property EPC rating of D; and vulnerable due to age or circumstance:

  • over 70 years of age, or
  • a pregnant women, or
  • have dependent children under 5 years of age

What to do next?

You can contact a local accredited installer in your area here:

Or you can apply through our Warm Up Hambleton scheme

This is available to all installers with access to equal funding. We are in partnership with J & J Crump & Son Ltd to make this process easier. Other suppliers are available, see below for further information.

Further information

  • Your local Energy Efficiency Supplier
  • YES Energy Solutions Tel: 01422 880100
  • Energy Savings Advice Service Tel 0800 444202 - for general advice
  • Warm & Well in North Yorkshire Tel 01609 767555
  • J & J Crump & Son Tel 0800 783 3127 
    • Warm and Well can also provide a FREE home visit to assess the property, occupants energy needs and provide tailored advice on:
      • Supplier comparison, switching and billing advice
      • Consider eligibility for the Priority Services Register or Warm Homes Discount
      • Assist with energy debts and applying for grants
      • Advice on what energy efficiency measures could be installed
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