Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance certificates

It is a legal requirement for rental properties to have a minimum energy performance rating of E or above on an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Properties with an EPC rating of F or G would be labelled as sub-standard and unlawful to let. 

The minimum standards do not apply in the social housing sector.

You can find an example of a EPC here:

Find your rating

It is an existing legal requirement for an EPC certificate to be obtained and provided to the tenant when a property is let or for any prospective buyer. You can find out your rating here:

Money saving

Improvements to properties can result in huge energy cost saving for tenants. The average annual cost for a Band F property is £2,180 and a Band G property is £2,860. A tenant whose property is improved from a G to an E rated property could see their energy costs reduced by £1,150 a year. Properties which are brought up to standard can be re-let.


Some exemptions do apply and if a landlord qualifies they must register the exemption on the Public Exemptions Register. If the landlord breaches the MEES regulations they can face a fine of up to £5,000 for non-compliance.  Local authorities will enforce compliance with the domestic minimum level of energy efficiency

You can find out if a property has a registered exemption here:

Environmental Health Technical Support team

You can speak to our Environmental Health Technical Support team about any heating concerns or properties that do not meet the standard by:

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