Landlords' advice

How we can help

We'd like to help you avoid or work out any difficulties between you and your tenants before a bad situation gets worse. We can help you by:

  • being a go-to contact if you and your tenants are having communication problems
  • setting up direct Housing Cost payments to landlords direct.
  • giving you information and advice about Deposit Protection Schemes
  • giving you information and advice about your legal responsibilities
  • offering a grant to help fund with insulation and any re-workings
  • giving you advice and guidance to help you meet legal requirements
  • giving your tenants advice about caring for their home

Help with renting out your property

We need properties in Hambleton (anywhere in Hambleton where a council tax bill is payable to the council). Properties are needed for single people, couples and families, who need help accessing accommodation.

If you need help renting out your property, we can find tenants, free of charge, with these extra incentives:

  • one month’s bond for the deposit.
  • free property checks.
  • free inventories
  • free advice
  • fast track Housing Benefit applications and direct payments to landlords (or similar if possible under new benefit changes)
  • access to legal advice on tenancy issues and good letting practice.
  • a named Housing Adviser, available to both the landlord and tenant, for the duration of each tenancy

We offer the advice and support of an experienced and professional team local to you

How it works

Step one

We will talk to you about the property that you have to let and discuss the suitability for the scheme, and what you require from your tenants. We will visit to check the condition of the property and discuss the standards that we require including safety certificates, furnishings, etc.

Step two

We will introduce you to a prospective tenant for your approval.

Step three

If the tenant meets your approval we will be present at the tenancy sign-up and help them complete a Housing Benefit application. We will provide bond agreements and inventories where agreed.

You will have an assured short-hold tenancy directly with the tenant. You retain the right to end the tenancy in the appropriate manner at the end of the period, or renew it if you are happy with the tenants.

Further information

You can speak to a Housing Options officer about any tenancy-related concerns or help finding tenants:

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