Home Appreciation Loan

Everyone should be able to live in a decent home. One that is safe, warm and weatherproof, with modern facilities. We know that many homeowners cannot afford to keep their home in good repair or carry out adaptation work. If this is you, then we’re here to help.

The leaflet below explains a simple and affordable way to pay for the work your home needs.

The Home Appreciation Loan is not a grant, it’s an equity release loan with no monthly payments to make. It allows you to carry out work to repair or improve your home without making regular repayments. You only have to repay the loan when you no longer own your home, for example if you sell it.

The amount you’ll repay is based on how much your property has changed in value when you sell it, or no longer own it. There is no set repayment term.

Who is the loan for?

Anyone who owns their home and

  • is vulnerable, for example on a low income, on certain types of benefits, such as people who are elderly, in poor health, or unable to access commercial loans, and
  • is aged 18 or over
  • has enough equity available in their home.

What is the loan for?

  • Essential repairs and improvements to your home such as fixing faulty electrical wiring or a leaking roof.
  • Work to bring your home up to a decent standard such as improving old kitchens and bathrooms.
  • To help you pay your contribution to a Disabled Facilities Grant or where the cost of the work is more than the maximum grant available.

Further information 

You can speak to our Environmental Health Technical Support team to see if you qualify:


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