Disabled Facilities Grant

You could get a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) to make changes to your property to make life easier if you, or someone in your home, is disabled. This could include:

  • widening doorways and installing ramps.
  • improving access to rooms and facilities eg stairlifts or a downstairs bathroom.
  • providing a heating system suitable for your needs.
  • adapting heating or lighting controls to make them easier to use.

The maximum grant is £30,000 per application, minus 15% administration fees payable to Swale Home Improvement Agency. The amount of grant you receive will depend upon the cost of the work and whether you can afford to make a contribution towards it. This is decided by a means test, which will look at the income and savings of the disabled person and their spouse or partner.

How to apply

You will need to have an assessment carried out by a medical professional; this is usually an Occupational Therapist from North Yorkshire County Council. The assessment will recommend the most appropriate adaptation to meet your needs.

You can arrange for an assessment by calling 01609 780780 or emailing swalehia@yorkshirehousing.co.uk.

Grant approval

We try to approve all applications as soon as possible, providing enough money is available when we receive your application. Once the grant has been approved we will send you an approval notice that will confirm the amount of grant you are entitled to and any contribution you may have to make towards the cost of work. The work must normally be completed within one year from the date of approval.

We work with Swale Home Improvement Agency (HIA) to deliver DFGs to Hambleton residents. Swale can help you with the DFG application process, including completing the relevant forms and helping to find a contractor to do the work for you.

You can contact Swale HIA by calling 0345 3664406 or emailing: swalehia@yorkshirehousing.co.uk

What is the application process?

  1. Ask for an Occupational Therapist Assessment
  2. An Occupational Therapist assessment takes place and a referral is made to the Home Improvement Agency (HIA)
  3. The HIA helps with the application and financial assessment (means test) 
  4. Eligibility for a Disabled Facilities Grant is confirmed
  5. The HIA’s Technical Officer and the Occupational Therapist do a home visit to discuss the work needed
  6. A schedule of works is produced by the HIA in consultation with the applicant and the Occupational Therapist 
  7. Planning and building control approvals are sought if needed 
  8. There is a tender process to appoint a builder to undertake the work
  9. The application, tender and financial evidence is sent to the Council for approval
  10. The Grant is approved
  11. The successful contractor is informed and a start date is agreed (client contribution is paid at this stage, if required)
  12. Works commence and are overseen by the HIA
  13. Works are completed and inspected/signed off by the HIA and the Occupational Therapist to ensure that they are fit for purpose

Further information

Guidance and frequently asked questions can be found in our leaflets:

Details of our Disabled Facility Grant policy are available in our Housing Assistance Policy at Chapter 5 (Adaptions Assistance)

For further advice and assistance you can contact Swale HIA by calling 0345 3664406 or emailing swalehia@yorkshirehousing.co.uk or speak to Gill Andrews on 01748 901112 or email gill.andrews@richmondshire.gov.uk

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