Examination Documents

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Examination Documents 
L001 Initial Questions for ExaminationMay-20
L001a Council’s Response to Initial Questions for ExaminationJul-20
L002 Inspector's Matters Issues and Questions (MIQs)Sep-20
L002a Examination Hearing ProgrammeSep-20
L002b Examination Guidance NoteOct-20
L003a Examinations Risk Assessment 
L003b Hambleton Guidance Note 
L003c Privacy Notice for Zoom Hosted Local Plan ExamOct-20
L003d Health Screening FormOct-20
L005a HDC Exam Note LEB3 Alternative SitesNov-20
L005b HDC Exam Note LEB3 safeguarded landNov-20
L005c LEB 3 Alternative Sites Cabinet Report Appendix 1Nov-20
L006 Chronology of work relating to the Highway NetworksJan-21
L007 Note on Strategic Housing PartnershipJan-21
L008 Note on rationale for the 406dpa in Main SA reportJan-21
L009 Note on Climate ChangeJan-21
L010 Note regarding HEDNAJan-21
L011a Cabinet report Audit of Villages Services April 2017Jan-21
L011b Cabinet report Annex A Audit of Village Services Report April 2017Jan-21
L011c Cabinet report Audit of Village Services Settlement ScoringJan-21
L012 Local Highways Authority views on allocation of NOR1Jan-21
L013 Note on GTAA and site capacity workJan-21
L014a Access to LEB3 NYCC executive reportJan-21
L014b Access to LEB3 NYCC summary of actions decisions takenJan-21
L015 Inspectors Post hearing letterJan-21
L016 Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (GTAA)Feb-21
L017 The pitch Deliverability assessmentFeb-21
L018 Note on SD23Feb-21
L019 Housing Supply Updated PositionFeb-21
L020 HRA Consultation NoteFeb-21
L021 HRA Position StatementFeb-21
L022 The Habitats Regulations Assessment Report (December2020)’ – Ref LP09.3Feb-21
L023 Sustainability Appraisal Report Second Addendum 
L024 Note relating to policy HG 2 requirement for Nationally Described Space Standards (NDSS) 
L025 Note relating to policy HG 2 requirement for optional accessibility standards 
  Inspectors post consultation letter 
  Inspectors letter – revised NPPF 
SD44.2 Hambleton SRN Junction Assessments Modelling Report (Revision 2) Sep-20
LP04.1.1 Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessment - Bedale Area - mapsJul-20
LP04.2.1 Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessment - Easingwold Area - maps Jul-20
LP04.3.1 Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessment - Northallerton Area - mapsJul-20
LP04.4.1 Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessment - Stokesley Area - mapsJul-20
LP04.5.1 Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessment - Thirsk Area - mapsJul-20
LP09.1 Habitats Regulations Assessment - April 2019Apr-19
LP09.2 Habitats Regulations Assessment - October 2018Oct-18
LP14.1 Schedule of Main Issues and Council Response (L001 Paragraph 48)Jul-20
LP22 Inspectors letter on Gypsy and Traveller AccommodationMar-21
LP23 Hambleton Council formal response to Inspectors letter on the GTAAApr-21
SD12.1 YNYER LEP Strategic Economic PlanMar-14
SD13.3 Hambleton Retail Note June 2020Jul-20
SD30 Playing Pitch StrategyOct-17
SD30.1 Playing Pitch Stategy AppendicesOct-17
SD51 Northallerton Sports Village Master PlanFeb-20
SD52 Sowerby Sports Village Master PlanSep-18
SD53 Bedale Renaissance Masterplan and VisionMar-04
SD54 Bedale Economic and Business StudyOct-17
SD55 Leeming Bar Sites Report 2017Mar-17
CD11 Schedule of Omission SitesJul-20
CD11.1 Omission Sites Bedale Subarea MapsJul-20
CD11.2 Omission Sites Easingwold Subarea MapsJul-20
CD11.3 Omission Sites Northallerton Subarea MapsJul-20
CD11.4 Omission Sites Stokesley Subarea MapsJul-20
CD11.5 Omission Sites Thirsk Subarea MapsJul-20
Hearing Statements Week 1 
  Week 1 Matter 1Oct-20
  Week 1 Matter 2Oct-20
  Week 1 Matter 3Oct-20
Hearing Statements Week 2 
  Week 2 Matter 4Oct-20
  Week 2 Matter 6Oct-20
Hearing Statements Week 3 
  Week 3 Matter 5Oct-20
  Week 3 Matter 7Oct-20
  Week 3 Matter 8Oct-20
  Week 3 Matter 9Oct-20
  Week 3 Matter 10Oct-20
Hearing Statements Week 4 
  Week 4 Matter 7 LEB3Oct-20
  Week 4 Matter 11Oct-20
  Week 4 Matter 12Oct-20
  Week 4 Matter 13Oct-20
  Week 4 Matter 14Oct-20
June Hearing Statements 2021 
  June Hearing Statements 
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