Evidence base

ReferenceDocument TitleDocument Date published
Examination Documents - Inspectors Documents 
L001 Initial Questions for ExaminationMay-20
L001a Council’s Response to Initial Questions for ExaminationJul-20
Local Plan Procedural Documents 
PD01.1 Statement of Community Involvement Part 1Jul-13
PD01.2 Statement of Community Involvement Part 2Jul-13
PD01.3 Statement of Community Involvement Part 3Jul-13
PD02 Statement of Representations procedureJul-19
PD03 Consultation Statement - Publication Draft Jul-19
PD04 Local Development SchemeJul-19
PD05 Hambleton Local Plan Equality Impact Assessment - Publication DraftFeb-20
PD06 Submission Consultation Statement Regulation 22Mar-20
PD07.1 PAS Tool Kit Part 2 - Local Plan Form and ContentMar-20
PD07.2 PAS Tool Kit Part 3 - Local Plan Process RequirementsMar-20
PD07.3 PAS Tool Kit Part 4 - Local Plan Soundness and Quality AssessmentMar-20
PD08 Submission Statement of Common GroundMar-20
PD08.1 Statement of Common Ground - AddendumMar-20
PD09 Statement of Common Ground - Publication DraftJul-19
Local Plan Submission Core Documents 
LP01 Hambleton Local Plan - Publication DraftJul-19
LP02 Policies Map - 1 - Overview Maps - Publication DraftJul-19
LP02.1 Policies Map - 2 - Inset Maps - Ainderby Steeple to CrathorneJul-19
LP02.2 Policies Map - 3 - Inset Maps - Crayke to HusthwaiteJul-19
LP02.3 Policies Map - 4 - Inset Maps - Hutton Rudby to NorthallertonJul-19
LP02.4 Policies Map - 5 - Inset Maps - Oulston to West Tanfield Jul-19
LP03 Schedule of Local Plan and Policies Maps proposed modificationsMar-20
LP04.1 Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessments - Bedale AreaMar-20
LP04.1.1 Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessment - Bedale Area - mapsJul-20
LP04.2 Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessments - Easingwold AreaMar-20
LP04.2.1 Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessment - Easingwold Area - maps Jul-20
LP04.3 Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessments - Northallerton AreaMar-20
LP04.3.1 Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessment - Northallerton Area - mapsJul-20
LP04.4 Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessments - Stokesley AreaMar-20
LP04.4.1 Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessment - Stokesley Area - mapsJul-20
LP04.5 Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessments - Thirsk AreaMar-20
LP04.5.1 Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessment - Thirsk Area - mapsJul-20
LP05.1 Hambleton Local Plan SA Report AddendumMar-20
LP07 Submission Infrastructure Delivery PlanMar-20
LP07.1 Schedule of Infrastructure Delivery Plan modificationsMar-20


 Submission Local Green Space Checklist and Aerial Mapping Appendix 1A


LP08.2 Submission Local Green Space Checklist and Aerial Mapping Appendix 1BMar-20
LP08.3 Submission Local Green Space Checklist and Aerial Mapping Appendix 1CMar-20
LP08.4 Submission Local Green Space Checklist and Aerial Mapping Appendix 1DMar-20
LP08.5 Schedule of Local Green Space Assessment ModificationsMar-20
LP09 Habitats Regulations Assessment Feb-20
LP09.1 Habitats Regulations Assessment - April 2019Apr-19
LP09.2 Habitats Regulations Assessment - October 2018Oct-18
LP10 Regulation 20 Submission Local Plan comments in Policy OrderMar-20
LP10.1 Regulation 20 Submission Local Plan Index of Respondents Mar-20
LP11 Regulation 20 Submission Infrastructure Delivery PlanMar-20
LP11.1 Regulation 20 Submission Infrastructure Delivery Plan Index of RespondentsMar-20
LP12 Regulation 20 Submission Local Green Space AssessmentMar-20
LP12.1 Regulation 20 Submission Local Green Space Assessment Index of RespondentsMar-20
LP13 Regulation 20 Submission Sustainability AppraisalMar-20
LP13.1 Regulation 20 Submission Sustainability Appraisal Index of RespondentsMar-20
LP14 Regulation 20 Summary of Key IssuesMar-20
LP14.1 Schedule of Main Issues and Council Response (L001 Paragraph 48)Jul-20
LP15 Regulation 20 Late and Unduly made responsesMar-20
Local Plan Submission Supporting Documents 
SD01 Whole Plan and Community Infrastructure Levy Viability AssessmentJun-19
SD02 Authority Monitoring Report -2018-2019 - Planning Policy 
Local Plan Evidence Base Part 1 
Visions and Spatial Development Strategy 
SD04 Hambleton District Council Plan 2015-2019 
SD05 Hambleton District Council Plan 2019-2023 
SD06 York North Yorkshire and East Riding Housing Strategy - 2015-2021May-15
Supporting Economic Growth 
SD07 Employment Land Review - Final ReportSep-16
SD08 Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessment Jun-18
SD09 Hambleton Economy Topic Paper - Publication Draft Feb-20
SD10 Hambleton a place to grow Economic Strategy 2014-24Jan-14
SD11 Hambleton Economic Study - GVA Jan-14
SD12 Strategic economic plan Update 
SD12.1 YNYER LEP Strategic Economic PlanMar-14
SD13 Retail and Leisure Study - Part 1 - Main report Oct-16
SD13.1 Retail and Leisure Study - Part 2 - Appendices Oct-16
SD13.2 Retail Study Update NotesMar-19
SD13.3 Hambleton Retail Note June 2020Jul-20
SD14 Hambleton Inward Investment Strategy and Action Plan 2017-2022 
Supporting Housing Growth 
SD15 Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment - Updated ReportJun-16
SD15.1 Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment - Addendum to 2016 Study UpdateMar-20
SD16 Hambleton Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Guidance NoteDec-16
SD17 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)Sep-19
SD18 Strategic Housing Market Assessment Jan-16
SD18.1 Strategic Housing Market Assessment - Updated ReportSep-16
SD19 Spatial Distribution and Development Needs Topic PaperMar-20
SD20 Housing Topic PaperMar-20
SD21 Housing Assessment UpdateMar-20
SD22 Draft Affordable Housing Transfer Prices Stage 2 ReportSep-19
SD23 Site Selection Methodology and Results - Publication DraftJul-19
Supporting a High Quality Environment 
SD24 Heritage Background Paper August 2018 Addendum January 2020Jan-20
SD25 Local Green Space Assessment Combined Recommendation ReportNov-18
SD26 Appendix 1a - Site Checklists and Aerial Mapping - Appleby Wiske to Easingwold Nov-18
SD26.1 Appendix 1b - Site Checklists and Aerial Mapping - Great Ayton to Kirkby & Great BroughtonNov-18
SD26.2 Appendix 1c - Site Checklists and Aerial Mapping - Kirkby Fleetham to ScrutonNov-18
SD26.3 Appendix 1d - Site Checklists and Aerial Mapping - Sessay to West TanfieldNov-18
SD26.4 Appendix 2 - Amendments Based on Consultation ResponsesNov-18
SD27 Landscape Character Assessment and Sensitivity Study May-16
SD28 Settlement Character Assessment Oct-16
SD29  Howardian Hills Area Of Oustanding Natural Beauty Management Plan 2019-2024Apr-19
SD30 Playing Pitch Strategy Oct-17
SD30.1 Playing Pitch Stategy AppendicesOct-17
SD31 Northallerton, Brompton and Romanby Draft Landscape and Open Space Strategy 2016 
SD32 Joint Health and Welbing Strategy for North Yorkshire 2015 - 2020 
SD33 Northallerton Yards and Hidden Spaces Report Aug-10
SD34 North Yorkshire and York - Local Nature Partnership Strategy 
SD35 Northallerton Connections (Zetland Street) Sep-16
SD36 Sports Facilities Strategy 2017-2035Aug-17
SD37 Open Space Strategy - Final ReportOct-17
Infrastructure and Community Services 
SD38 North Yorkshire Local Transport Plan 2016-2045 - Part 1 and 2 
SD39 North Yorkshire Local Transport Plan 2016 - 2045 - Part 3 - Strategic Transport 
SD40 North Yorkshire Local Transport Plan 2016 - 2045 - Executive Summary 
SD41 Transport Related Issues -FinalMay-16
SD42 Hambleton Junctions Assessment Jun-18
SD43 Hambleton Strategic Road Network Junction Assessments Modelling ReportMay-19
SD43.1 Strategic Road Network Junction Assessment Technical Memorandum 
SD44 Hambleton Strategic Road Network Sowerby Gateway Technical NoteJul-19
SD44.1 Sowerby Gateway Junction Assessment Technical Memorandum 
Environmental and Resource Management 
SD45 Level 1 - Strategic Flood Risk Assessment - Final ReportMar-17
SD46 Humber River Basin District - River Basin Management Plan - Part 1Dec-15
SD47 Water Resources Management Plan - Northumbrian WaterAug-19
SD48 Water Resources Management Plan - Yorkshire Water Services LTDAug-14
SD49 Water Resources Management Plan - Yorkshire Water Services LTDSep-18
SD50 Northumbria River Basin District - Management Plan - Part 1Dec-15
SD51 Northallerton Sports Village Master PlanFeb-20
SD52 Sowerby Sports Village Master PlanSep-18
SD53 Bedale Renaissance Masterplan and VisionMar-04
SD54 Bedale Economic and Business StudyOct-17
SD55 Leeming Bar Sites Report 2017Mar-17
SD56 Local Industrial Strategy (draft, March 2020) 
SD57 Creating a Competitive, Carbon-Neutral, Circular Economy in York and North Yorkshire: A Strategy and Action Plan 
SD58 Standard Playing Pitch Provision 
Hambleton District Council Local Plan Earlier Consultation Documents and Supporting Documents 
CD01 Issues and Options Consultation Jan - Feb 2016Feb-16
CD02 Preferred Options Consultation - Part 1Oct-16
CD02.1 Preferred Options Consultation - Part 2 - Easingwold Sub Area Oct-16
CD02.2 Preferred Options Consultation - Part 2 - Bedale Sub AreaOct-16
CD02.3 Preferred Options Consultation - Part 2 - Northallerton Sub AreaOct-16
CD02.4 Preferred Options Consultation - Part 2 - Stokesley Sub AreaOct-16
CD02.5 Preferred Options Consultation - Part 2 - Thirsk Sub AreaOct-16
CD03 Preferred Options Consultation - Settlement MapsOct-16
CD04 Options Assessment Report and AppendixOct-16
CD05 Alternative Sites ConsultationApr-17
CD06 Sustainability Scoping ReportJan-16
CD07 Sustainability Appraisal Preferred Options Report Nov-16
CD08 Sustainability Appraisal Alternative Sites - Main ReportMar-17
CD08.1 Sustainability Appraisal Alternative Sites - Appendix 2 and 3Mar-17
CD09 Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening ReportNov-16
CD09.1 Habitats Regulations Assessment Scoping ReportMar-17
CD10 Sustainability Appraisal Main ReportJul-19
CD10.1 Sustainability Appraisal - SA Report - Non-technical SummaryJul-19
CD10.2 Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessments - BedaleJul-19
CD10.3 Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessments - EasingwoldJul-19
CD10.4 Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessments - NorthallertonJul-19
CD10.5 Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessments - StokesleyJul-19
CD10.6 Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessments - ThirskJul-19
CD11 Schedule of Omission SitesJul-20
CD11.1 Omission Sites Bedale Subarea MapsJul-20
CD11.2 Omission Sites Easingwold Subarea MapsJul-20
CD11.3 Omission Sites Northallerton Subarea MapsJul-20
CD11.4 Omission Sites Stokesley Subarea MapsJul-20
CD11.5 Omission Sites Thirsk Subarea MapsJul-20
Adopted Local Development Framework Documents 
LDF01 Core Strategy Development Plan Document2007
LDF02 Development Management Development Plan Document2008
LDF03 Allocations Development Plan Document2010
LDF04 Development Policies and Allocation Annex 5-Proposals Map2010
LDF05 Settlement Hierarchy (IPGN)2014
LDF05.1 Interim Policy Guidance Note (IPGN)2015
LDF06 Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning DocumentApr-15
LDF07 Size Type and Tenure of New Homes Supplementary Planning DocumentSep-15
LDF08 Sustainable Development Supplementary Planning DocumentApr-15
LDF09 Open Space Sport and Recreation Supplementary Planning DocumentFeb-11
LDF10 Market Towns Conservation Area Design GuideDec-10
LDF11 Domestic Extensions Supplementary Planning DocumentDec-09
LDF12 Bedale Conservation Area Appraisal Supplementary Planning DocumentDec-10
LDF13 Easingwold Conservation Area Appraisal Supplementary Planning DocumentDec-10
LDF14 Northallerton Conservation Area Appraisal Supplementary Planning DocumentDec-10
LDF15 Stokesley Conservation Area Appraisal Supplementary Planning DocumentDec-10
LDF16 Thirsk and Sowerby Conservation Area Appraisal Supplementary Planning DocumentDec-10

Other documents

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