Alternative Sites and Local Green Space Designation Consultation

This consultation on the alternative sites and greenspaces looked at alternative sites that had been proposed for allocation in the Local Plan during the Preferred Options stage.

The consultation took place from Friday 21 April until Friday 2 June 2017. Information that was available on this webpage during this consultation can still be viewed here.

Alternative sites

The Alternative sites consultation document is available on the Consultation Portal.

  • In response to the Preferred Options consultation a total of 83 sites were put forward as alternative sites. Some of these were amendments to existing sites, whilst others were completely new.
  • These sites were assessed in the same way as those which were contained in the Preferred Options consultation. We have considered a range of issues such as risk of flooding, their impact on the character of the settlement and whether they have appropriate access. In order to ensure that local people have the opportunity to comment on all of the sites which have been submitted to the Council.

Local Green Space

The Local Green Space consultation documents are available on the Consultation Portal here:

This consultation sought views on further sites proposed for Local Green Space designation. The assessments of sites proposed for Local Green Space that were submitted as part of the Call for Sites were presented as part of the Preferred Options consultation. However, for these later submission the assessments were presented as a separate consultation.

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