Low risk food businesses

We have implemented a Low Risk Alternative Enforcement Strategy for low risk food businesses - if they self-assess correctly, we will not need to send an officer to make a physical inspection of the premises.

If your food business has previously been classified as low risk, (Category E) you will be sent a self - assessment questionnaire that must be completed and returned to us within 28 days. The completion of the questionnaire will remove the need for a physical inspection by an officer.

Businesses likely to be low risk

You may be aware that our officers carry out food hygiene inspections of premises that prepare, store, or distribute food in the district. If you operate any of the following you are likely to be low risk:

  • Chemists selling sweets, baby foods, slimming products
  • Public houses that only sell drinks and confectionary
  • Newsagents that only sell low risk foods - sweets and wrapped food items
  • Food businesses operating from domestic premises
  • Sports and social clubs that only sell drinks and confectionary
  • Village/church halls where only occasional catering takes place
  • Some retailers and caterers that have been previously inspected and found to have very good food safety standards in place

More information on how we carry out food safety inspections is here:

What happens next?

If you are a low risk (Category E rated) food business currently registered with us, you will be sent out a letter and/or email with information on how to complete the questionnaire and return it to us. If your business is no longer trading, you must let us know by completing the first section of the questionnaire only, as this will allow us to update our records and remove you from the inspection programme.

If you have received a Low Risk (Category E) letter/email

Download and return the self-assessment questionnaire to ehts@hambleton.gov.uk:

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

You will NOT be sent a new Food Hygiene Rating Scheme rating or sticker if you are a low risk Category E food business. Only food businesses that receive a physical inspection will be subject to a new rating/sticker. More information here:


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