Events - Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

Hambleton’s SAG will provide advice and guidance regarding event safety to enable events to go ahead successfully in Hambleton.

The SAG is a multi-agency group including members from North Yorkshire Police, Yorkshire Ambulance Service, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, North Yorkshire County Council Highways Department, North East Counter-terrorism Unit and from the local authority, Environmental Health, Licensing, and Facilities Management.

Event Organisers

Please tell us about your event, you can do this by completing our event notification form and/or providing us with your event safety plan and risk assessments.

Members of the SAG will review your documentation and provide you with feedback on your plans via the Resilience Direct forum, which you will receive within an appropriate timescale related to the date of your event.

You may be invited to attend a meeting of the SAG to discuss the arrangements for your event in more detail.

Contact us 

Telephone - 01609 767138

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