Camping and caravan licence

Each application will have to comply with the relevant site licence conditions. If you have dual-purpose sites i.e. tents and touring then you may have to combine conditions. Not all conditions will be relevant and an officer can assist you with what standards you will need to comply with.

Some standard conditions that are applied can be found here:

You will need a licence if you own a camp or caravan site. You do not need a licence if:

  • the site is 5 or more acres and there are 3 or fewer caravans there for 28 days or less a year
  • you’re a member of an organisation like a caravan club and have a caravan exemption certificate
  • your site is approved by an organisation with a caravan exemption certificate
  • your site is used for a social get-together of caravan club members (a ‘rally’)
  • you may not need a licence if the site is for forestry workers, builders, travelling showmen or seasonal workers (like fruit pickers)

How much does it cost to apply?

Holiday, touring and tent site licences are free. Charges only apply to park homes or permanent residential sites as follows:

  • initial licence fee - £57 per pitch
  • transfer or standard amendment fee - £286 per site application
  • annual fee - £15 per pitch
  • site extension amendment fee - £30 per pitch
  • fee for depositing site rules - £31
  • fit and proper person register fee - £150
  • enforcement notice - hourly rate at £62 per hour

For further information:

How do I apply

Download and return the relevant application form to

Public register

We publish a list of all caravan and camping sites in the district here:

Pay online

You can pay for your licence online right now using our secure payment system. Make sure to select the correct service from the left-hand side.

Park home site rules

The Mobile Homes (Site Rules) (England) Regulations 2014 lay out the procedure for making, varying and deleting site rules, as well as listing matters on which site rules can and cannot be made. The Regulations require formal consultation between the site owner and residents before the rules are ‘deposited’ with the local authority.

There are several prescribed forms that must be used throughout the consultation process, which can be downloaded here:

A clear appeal procedure is provided should a resident wish to challenge any of the rules proposed.

These Site Rules are different from the licence conditions, which are enforced by the Council. The Site Rules are a private agreement between the licence holder and tenants living on the site.

Once the site rules have been ‘deposited’ the Regulations state that the local authority must establish and maintain a register of site rules of sites in its area and publish that register online. This will also apply to any future amendments or deletions.

The Site Rules which have been deposited with the council can be found here:

Report a licensing issue

You can report a licensing issue to us online here:


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