The Airfield Bagby North Yorkshire 19/00371/CAT3

Reference Number
Site Location
The AirfieldBagby
North Yorkshire
Alleged Breach
Breach of condition 22 of planning permission 16/02240/FUL:

1. No fixed wing aircraft may operate at other than in accordance with the following requirements:

a) In the case of aircraft with Noise Certification in the UK under Chapter 6 Noise Register with a maximum overflight limit of 79.6 EPNdB or
b) In the case of aircraft with Noise Certification on the UK Register under Chapter 10 Noise with a maximum overflight limit of 82.7 EPNdB.

Fixed wing Movement Limit EPNdB
Chapter 6 Overflight 79.6
Chapter 8 Overflight 82.7

c) In circumstances where fixed-wing aircraft do not have a Noise Certificate on the UK Register no aircraft with a certified Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) of greater than 2,730kg may operate.
(The relevant data for UK registered aircraft is available on the G-INFO website)

Aircraft that do not meet the terms of a) or b) may only operate on notified fly-in days when they are proven to have at least two of the three characteristics:
1) The aircraft was first manufactured more than 50 years prior to the current date;
2) They do not currently have an internationally recognised certification basis;
3) They can evidence that the aircraft (or their type) were at one time, on a military register.
Any aircraft operating under 2 above shall not arrive more than 48 hours prior to the commencement of a fly-in day. The aircraft may not depart from and return to the airfield prior to or during the fly-in day. The aircraft shall leave either on the day of the fly-in day or at the earliest reasonable opportunity thereafter consistent with weather related conditions, at Bagby, their intended destination, any diversion and the en-route weather. No return shall be permitted after departure from the fly-in day.
Date Notice issued
Date Effective
Type of Notice
Breach of Condition Notice
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Appeal Status
No right of appeal
Compliance required by 03.11.2019
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