Land to the South of Bravener Court Newton On Ouse 18/00232/CAT2 (6)

Reference Number
Site Location
Land to the South of Bravener CourtNewton On Ouse
Alleged Breach
Breach of Condition 6 of planning permission 19/01138/MRC

No further construction work shall be undertaken, other than as required by this condition and relating to the provision of measures to protect wildlife habitat, unless the site has been set out and constructed in accordance with the published Specification of the Highway Authority and the existing access shall has been improved is by reconstructing in accordance with the approved details and Standard Detail number E6Var and the final surfacing of any private access within 2 metres of the public highway shall not contain any loose material that is capable of being drawn onto the existing public highway. All works shall accord with the approved details unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority
Date Notice issued
Date Effective
Type of Notice
Breach of Condition Notice
Appeal Status
No right of appeal
Compliance required by 25.11.2020

Complied with.
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