Land to the South of Bravener Court Newton On Ouse 18/00232/CAT2

Reference Number
Site Location
Land to the South of Bravener CourtNewton On Ouse
Alleged Breach
Breach of Condition 5 of planning permission 19/01138/MRC

No part of the development shall be used after the end of the first planting and seeding seasons following the approval of the landscaping scheme, unless the approved scheme (386-04) has been completed. Any trees or plants which within a period of 5 years of planting die, are removed, or become seriously diseased, shall be replaced with others of similar size and species.
Date Notice issued
Date Effective
Type of Notice
Breach of Condition Notice
Link to Copy of Notice
Appeal Status
No right of appeal
Compliance required by 25.11.2020
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