Emergency flood help

If you think your home may be at immediate risk of flooding

North Yorkshire County Council is the lead authority in Highways flooding.

You can access more information at their website here:

Or call them on 01609 780780, if out of hours please call 101.


We always have a supply of sandbags. Residents can self-serve and collect them from:

If you are unable to collect please ring the 24/7 emergency telephone number 01609 779977, and we will do our best to get some to you where resources will allow.

How do I clean up safely?

How do I register for flood warnings?

You can register for flood warnings here:

 Or by calling Floodline on 0345 988 1188.

I am a business affected by flooding, is there further help available?

The York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership have advice for flooded businesses here:

How can I drive in floods safely?

Advice is available from SmartDriving here: 

How can I better equip myself and my community for flooding?

Have you ever thought about how your community would cope in an emergency such as flooding? Who would step up and take the lead? Could you get quick access to local resources and local expertise? Do you know which people in your community might need particular support?

During an emergency the emergency services will always have to prioritise those in the greatest need, especially where life is in danger. Communities may therefore need to rely on their own resources to minimise the impact of an emergency on local residents (from small scale incident to widespread loss of electricity or flooding/severe weather) before the emergency services arrive.

Many communities already help each other in times of need, but experience shows that those who are prepared, cope better during an emergency. Communities with local knowledge, enthusiasm and information are a great asset and a Community Emergency Plan can help.

North Yorkshire County Council’s emergency planning team can provide you with a generic template to get you started - it can be quickly and easily adapted to the specific needs of your community.

The Simple Community Emergency Plan is designed to identify:

  • emergency volunteers
  • a coordination/meeting point
  • short-term safe refuge places for people displaced from their homes
  • useful local emergency equipment
  • vulnerable people in the community and support them
  • useful emergency contacts

If you want to get your community prepared speak to your parish/town council to check work is not already underway (if they are you may be able to volunteer to help them anyway) - otherwise contact [email protected] or 01609 532246.

Free sandbags from Hambleton for local storage can be obtained as part of this process.

For more information regarding this and other resilience matters visit:


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