Community safety

Domestic abuse

The Safer Hambleton Hub Team works in partnership with many other organisations such as IDAS to provide support and advice to victims of domestic abuse.

Norht Yorkshire Police has more information about domestic abuse and how to get help:

North Yorkshire Integrated Domestic Abuse Services

Support service across North Yorkshire for people who are experiencing or at risk of domestic abuse.

There are two elements to the service:

  • Refuge provision for Women and Children - to provide a refuge service that is safe and secure, providing a holistic approach toward the assessment of need and risk and a clear support pathway for women (aged 16+ years) and women with children.    
  • “Making Safe” floating support service for victims/survivors - to provide a “Making Safe” service for victims/survivors, including children and young people through community support and the delivery of specialised accommodation related support in a floating support setting enabling them to remain safe in their own home or to continue to live independently in other accommodation.

The service is provided by Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS) across North Yorkshire.

To find out further information and what support is available please contact IDAS here:

  • Contact IDAS
  • Telephone – 03000 110 110
  • 24 hour National Helpline – 0808 2000 247

Domestic violence disclosure scheme – Clare’s Law

Named after Clare Wood who was murdered by her partner, having been unaware of his violent background; this scheme aims to prevent men and women from becoming victims of domestic abuse. It allows the police to disclose (if appropriate) information about a partner’s abusive past to protect those who could be at risk from a previously violent offender.

Under the right to ask, you can ask about your partner if you have a concern that they may harm you. Another person concerned about you such as your parent, neighbour or a friend can also ask. However, they may not necessarily receive information about your partner. It may be more appropriate for you or someone who can protect you to receive it.

Under the right to know, the police may decide to make a disclosure to protect someone, even if a person has not asked.

Please contact North Yorkshire Police on 101 to report incidents of domestic abuse or to enquire about Clare’s Law.

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